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For Sven, (I snatched this from Jiggs)

An Owner of Men


From “The Bible of Cock”, via

(net photos)


There are points in our lives when 

we encounter an Owner on the Path. 

In an oblique way he will offer to take 

us. He will laugh and pass off the 

most serious matters as nothing.

The Owner for whom you have 

looked will not ask for money and he 

will not ask for gifts.

He will take only two things. 

Your life and your blind devotion are 

all he has use for. And these he will 

give back when he has finished. You 

may be his for a day or a lifetime. 

You may be his for eternity.

He exists in the world of God. He 

breathes the love of God. His semen 

is the life of your soul. You have met 

him and again you hesitate. 


There: fear in your belly. 



In your fear, isolation and your

life-madness the sanctuary of pure and 

abject devotion is within grasp. Give 

up all that you have been, all you 

have thought you were.


You are nothing now, an emptiness, the 

timeless space between breaths. 


Cocklover, what greater or higher 

aspiration could you possibly have 

than to be a simple and unthinking 

embodiment of the purest desire for 



You are not your father’s son. You 

have no mother. You are an orphan 

born from the heart of Phallos.


You belong to the lineage of Cocklovers, 

of those who have given their lives to 

the worship of God, the great fire. 

Put down the swords, put down the 

knives. You do not know how to pare 

from the chaos of life your own 

sanctuary. Your hands were not 

formed to build a gateway to the 

heart of man. 

Put stone on stone with patience. Be 

still within. 



You have met an Owner of men on 

your Path and must give your life to 


Have no illusions. Have no hope. 

He will give it back when he is done 

with it.

You have tried and tried, but have 

never managed this complete true 


The ancient Egyptian God “Min” & Semen Retention


This is from

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For men to master the art and science of tantric yoga (union with God using the energy of sex), semen retention is very important.

The religious scandals that are becoming common place are the result of men holding positions of leadership before they’ve mastered their own sexual energy. Denial of sexual energy is not enough. It might suffice - and even then it’s doubtful - in a cloistered monastery. But if a cleric is among the people in the modern sex obsessed world, denial is seldom enough. Transmutation of the sexual force is required.

Several ancient texts provide myths (metaphorically expressed science) in which gods are castrated. Anu (Sumerian), Uranus (Greek), Ausar and Set (Egyptian) were all castrated.

The significance of castration can be deciphered with a little comparative religion. Anu is a version of the Egyptian Nu. Nu was later known as Amen. Hetep (inner peace) was secured by achieving Amen. The Hetep icon was a ram on an offering tray.

The sacrificed ram meant that the sexual drive was sacrificed in order to achieve Nu (the superconscious state).

Because Mars rules the sex drive, the ejaculatory urge, and rams, sheep and lamps are symbols of Aries (and Mars), sacrificing a ram meant killing the sex drive.

But even the “killing” of the sex drive was a metaphor.

The ancient adepts used metaphors within metaphors within metaphors. It is little wonder that concretized Western minds are often lost when it comes to understanding the ancient wisdom and, in utter frustration, discount it as childish nonsense.

The sex drive wasn’t actually extinguished; it was transformed, sublimated and refined. The act of ejaculation ceased (or was at least curtailed) in initiates, but orgasm didn’t.



Orgasm and ejaculation aren’t the same.

Some people associate (shirk) two related functions and falsely consider them the same.

Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate (albeit related) functions.

The initiate learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation so he can have several orgasms without losing either his seed (ching chi) or his erection.

This is the meaning of the icon of the god Min (the “raw” form of the god Amen) masturbating atop a pillar with his left had (the hand for drawing energy inward).



A mu’min (i.e., a Muslim who has achieved Amen ability) is able to climax and draw his climax up to his head through techniques such as the Big Draw of Taoism (see Mantak Chia’s “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” for details).

Beginning the mastery of semen retention, in the Tao, begins with a technique called testicle breathing. Women. like Mary, use ovarian breathing.

When the Quran says a prophet was “chaste” or “celibate” it actually means he mastered semen retention and could — if he or she so chose — experience whole-body, multiple orgasms.

Such a person, then or now, can use orgasmic energy to heal himself by directing the orgasm to particular organs. He or she can also experience enlightenment by drawing the orgasmic force into the brain and can experience the unity of opposites by directing it into his or her mate.

The Quran refers to Yahya (John the Baptist) as “noble and chaste and a prophet” (3:39). “Yahya” is, itself, a code-name. It means “life force” so it is fairly clear that something more than a physical man is being discussed. In various other systems Life forced is called Ra (Kamitic), prana (Dravidian), chi (Taoist), Hayya (Arabic) and Ruach (Hebrew).

The word for chase, hasur, comes from a root (hasara) that means “he restrained, he encircled.” Husr means “retention.” Semen retention and circling the sexual force in the Microcosmic Orbit is here identified.




The following is from

Min’s headdress of tall double plumes and his large erect phallus proclaim his prowess as the principle of generative energy, fertility/virility and the masculine divine. God of male fertility and protector of mines and agriculture, he is master of the routes of the oriental desert and his principal places of worship were Akhmin and Qeft.

Min was associated with Pan (phallically) by the Greeks. In lore he is shown typically as a standing male figure with an very erect penis wearing a narrow sheath and raising his right hand to hold the flail while the left hand is either holding his erection or hidden under his garment. Some works show both hands holding his penis. In this imaging, by his connective association with Pan and through the evidence that one of his symbols/offerings was a long lettuce which had a sap similar to semen, he his thought to portray - and thus serve as patron of - masturbation.



 The lettuce was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and huge bunches of its leaves were ritually eaten in Min’s honor at festival time (other days as well) in the hope that increased stamina and potency would result. Men would ingest as much of the sap as possible, partaking in hopes that Min would honor them with copious amounts of semen, powerful erections and great sexual skill.



He appeared in pre-dynastic times. Sometimes referred to as son of Isis and also as her consort and father of Horus and primeval creator god manifestation of Amun. The festival of Min was held to ensure potency thus associated with fertility important to this time of Mesore. This period is a critically important time of calculation and preparation for the annual Nile flood and each year a week of mystery rites is enacted, leading to the major time marker of the Summer Solstice.

Continuous Male Orgasms


Below is the link to a website that has an article about continuous male orgasms. I’m not familiar with the article’s author, nor have I actually read the rest of the site, “”, run by “The Society for Human Sexuality”. All I know is that I understand what this man is talking about, and I can do it. Colloquially we say “edging”or “gooning”, but I like to think that this man goes just a little bit further in our understanding of what is happening to us. It seems like there is so much out there on this subject, and it seems like I’ve read it all…from Eastern sources, Western, and wherever else. But, to me, sexuality isn’t a definative thing, with “an end” to it. Even if one doesn’t completely agree with certain methods, goals, results, etc., the exploration of it all is a blessing in itself. Anyway, check out what this guy does…though I don’t really think about all the medical-sounding “plumbing” up inside us that this guy describes, I know how he feels during his “ride”.

click this:

A.Y.P.’s “Constant Coming”


A.Y.P.’s “Constant Coming”

This is from the website called Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP), taken from a Q & A page in its Tantra section.

It’s about how one can learn to get into a prolonged state of deep orgasm without ejaculating, and receive the health, mental, and spiritual benefits of semen retention. One should explore this (extensive) website, and other websites and/or books before “coming” to a conclusion about the practice of semen retention and the benefits I mentioned.

 I highly recommend this AYP site for information on sexual/spiritual matters from an Eastern point-of-view, but must also throw in the disclaimer that I am just an ‘ordinary person’ putzing around on the net, and am not a medical professional, nor an authority on Eastern spiritual practices (..yet. -wink-). I personally have experienced what’s described in this article, as well as in the other article on this blog called “Continuous Male Orgasms” (coming soon), and welcome questions from ‘erosapiens’ readers. (net photos)




Lesson T31 - Q&A – Constant Coming…
From: Yogani
Date: Sun Jun 6, 2004 0:23am
New Members: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, “What is tantra yoga?”
Q: What you say makes sense and in true essence, it is the ojas that we take up derived from the muladhara fire.
But it does happen especially when we are fully perched above at the third eye and as our body is played as a divine instrument… the ‘orgasmic’ waves are brought upward and centered into the third eye… the muladhara climbs up…
and then when we come…the whole body resonates and, surprisingly, sperm does not come out.
The process also requires us to roll our tongue as a straw and suck up the pleasure with every inhale and closing our eyes, guide it to the third eye.
A: Thank you for you clear perspective on vajroli, and root to third eye orgasm.
I agree, true vajroli (upward absorption of sexual fluids), beyond the managed mechanical technique of it, is an automatic part of a much bigger process that involves the third eye to root connection. I call it ecstatic conductivity. You call it the muladhara (root) climbing up to the third eye. That is an interesting description you give, because one of the observations we have in spinal bastrika, where attention and breath are rapidly oscillating between the third eye and root, is that the third eye and root “merge” into one. This merging of root and third eye is what is occurring in slow spinal breathing as well, though it may be less noticed in the early stages. This is the ecstatic connection being cultivated between the root and third eye, just as you have described.
There is another element we can observe, and that is the phenomenon of the change that occurs in “coming.”
 In sex, “coming” is orgasm, both before and after the vajroli effect naturally joins into the spiritual-sexual equation. With rising ecstatic conductivity between the root and third eye, the event of “coming” into the third eye you describe creeps into our life as an ongoing experience. In other words, “coming” or “orgasm” becomes an ongoing whole-body event that never stops, and requires no external stimulation.
A mere raising of the eyes, an entering into kechari, or a small flex at the root will keep waves of ecstasy coursing through the nervous system like a rolling sea.
And that isn’t all. Over time, the whole process migrates upward from the third eye to the crown as well. That process of opening the crown with stability is covered in recent discussions in the main lessons.
Can “coming” be sustained like this? Can we continue to function under the influence of constant whole-body orgasm? Is it exhausting?
In fact, this ongoing experience of “coming” is the fruition of yoga, the rise of an unending state of ecstatic bliss and divine love in the nervous system. We can continue to function in this situation, because our nervous system acclimates to it, just as it does to all other enhancements in our spiritual neuro-biology that occur with long term practice of yoga.
It is not exhausting. Just the opposite. As divine energy surges through us, it continuously regenerates every cell in our body. In this situation sex has become the source of unbounded energy, creativity and happiness in the body. There is so much divine love surging up inside that it flows out to everyone around us in the form of uplifting energy and loving service.
This is why we pay close attention to the management of sexual energy as we move along our chosen path in yoga.
Does this eliminate the need for sexual relations? It certainly makes us less obsessive about reproductive sex. That is a good thing. At the same time, this transformation turns all sex into spiritual practice. Pre-orgasmic tantric sex can offer support to the process of spiritual transformation. So, the advances that occur in our nervous system as a result of yoga make sexual activity all the more precious whenever we are inclined to engage in physical lovemaking. Sexual activity then becomes a stepping-stone to permanent ecstatic bliss.
Tantric sex is not mandatory for enlightenment, but under the right circumstances it can be a significant help.
The guru is in you.

Keepers at the Tree of Life

This writing was anonymously submitted to “erosapiens” on Blogger in August 2012. Thanks again, Phallic Brother, Keith.

My penis is God’s penis.

God’s penis is my penis.

My whole manly being is an expression of God’s penis.

God’s penis is expressed through my manly being.

Penis is the center wellspring of the universe.

Penis is the locus of the first symbol, the first metaphor, and the Earthly site of special, humble, spectacular visits -scattered and numerous - by the Great Spirit.

We see that it is ebulliently and consummately manly that a core corps of men are set aside in each generation to glorify Penis with abandon and delight, and without recklessness toward His bodies of men, women, children, and animals. A man’s appreciation of Penis is unique and essential for Penis to delight fully in the excellence of Penis. Such is the joy that powers the universe.

God’s penis is the tree of life.

My manhood springs from the tree of life.

Not all men are chosen as direct, intimate keepers, and that is good and agreeable.

Other men, the final tally of whom is hidden, may be less intimate keepers of God’s Penis.

Some men are small and young in their journey, and they speak and act with petulant wrath because they cannot see they are frustrated by relationships with God that belong to others.

God’s mysterious and eternal bounty brings men infinite, silver dragons. I am both dragon and dragon master.

My semen is God’s semen.

Semen came first and always was. Semen enables mother’s milk.

I am my penis.

I am God’s penis.

God is my penis.

God is penis.

Penis is God.

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